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Longer courses in intuitive development, wealth-building, positive self-talk, and more.

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Ready to uplevel? Every masterclass and course contains audio trainings, worksheets and accompanying Flowdreams. Have fun and Flow!


My Future Self

Create a blueprint for your future self that gives the Universe an actual template to work from. Through Flowdreaming, you'll discover how powerfully you can communicate with your future, and learn tips and techniques to make sure your vision is clear and heard.

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Pure Self-Care

Deep nurturing and renewal for weary souls. See how and where your self-care needs nourishing and participate in exercises to restore your vitality.

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Everything Is Easy!

Create ease and abundance in everything. Remove all lack and resistance in your life that's been getting in the way of your dreams.

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Spend 30-days using Flowdreaming to rebuild and renew your work and income. MoneyFlow: Cashflow Recovery & Renewal is a 4-week program designed to help you pivot, recover, and create cashflow in the new upcoming economic era.

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A Deeper Practice

Put your knowledge of Flow to work by establishing a highly effective daily practice. Tips, tricks and more to make your manifesting shimmer!

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Super Chill: No More Worry, Anxiety, or Panic

Discover how to get into an instant state of peace, calm, and flow. Everything rolls right off you—you're so relaxed and efficient!

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Safety Vs. Stardom

Master the skill of leveling up and learn to gracefully move past that little whisper inside that tells you to stay down and stay safe.

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Hi Friends! I'm so glad you're here!

Summer McStravick

In 2005, I began teaching, writing and podcasting about the art of Flowdreaming, a technique for both manifesting and helping at epic levels. At the time, I was still working at Hay House Publishing, doing my weekly broadcast with Dr. Wayne Dyer even while I shepherded Hay House Radio and hundreds of programs, podcasts, and workshops into being for an incredibly illustrious group of teachers, including Louise L. Hay, my boss. (Read my full bio here.)

Little did I know that life and flow would take me much more deeply into my own teachings in the years to come.

Since then, my podcast has been downloaded almost 3 million times. My library of recorded audio Flowdreams and mediations numbers over 200.  And I’ve taught over 500 students in my pinnacle program, M.E. School.

And now, after having been teaching monthly classes to my ongoing students without break for the last ten years, I have finally brought some of them to you! 

Each month or so, I’ll be adding more Masterclasses and courses to my collection.  I have hundreds in my vault.

I hope you enjoy your journey exploring them. 

With love and Flow, Summer

What Our Students Have to Say

I'm still in shock about not only having doubled my income and created an automated platform for my courses within 30 days; but my clients skyrocketed their income too! One woman hit 7.5k within 30 days and another client sold a a 1.5k ticket for a program she had not even launched yet, within 48 hrs! I know that this was possible because the effects trickled all the way into my own client's results!

I have done many programs around wealth and money mindset, but this one here was particularly powerful because of all the flowdreams! They made the biggest difference in comparison to the prior courses I've taken! It was incredible! Thank you so much! I'm so excited for what is to come next!
Lisy B.
From Dallas, USA
I've probably taken at least 20 of Summer's courses over the years, and each one is consistently powerful.

She brings brand new ideas and techniques to every Masterclass. Flowdreams are just part of it! She'll introduce you to many, many energy, manifesting, and healing processes that make a real difference. The scope of her teachings is phenomenal, but somehow she applies the same flow principals to all of them.

You can't go wrong with her classes! I look forward to everything she puts out and I truly believe she is an overlooked master of her craft.
Tina L.
From Australia
This class and the flowdreams in it are an awesome way to reignite self love and love for others. It has been an amazing journey that I have repeated more than once - thanks for such an amazing class Summer. Highly recommended to any one who needs a reminder of the deep love inside yourself and how beautiful you can be!!
Jacque M.
From Japan
Summer is nurturing and straight forward in the work required to create and move past any money barriers. They are embedded and she helps us uncover those! It's been tremendous. Her process is very unique with her Flowdreaming technique. I don't want to stop this work and process!!! Very thankful and well worth my while/resources.​
Jennifer S.
From London, UK

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