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The Flowdreaming Mastermind

The Flowdreaming mastermind wraps you in Flow all year round. Enjoy for courses, Flowdreams, live special events with Summer and more.


Cleansed: Sacred Rituals for Energy Cleansing & Rebalancing to Nourish, Release, Renew

Explore your own perfect personal energy cleansing ritual to release negativity, old energy, heaviness and other people’s energy from your mind, heart, energy and Flow. Feel energetically light, bright, and squeaky clean.


Held: Tap Into Full Universal Support and Your Perfect Direction

Get back to the feeling that everything is perfect and on track. Reconnect with that feeling of being deeply held, nourished and aligned with all lie and the Universe. Activate the energy of having every stage or experience be utterly perfect and leading you exactly where you want to go.


BeLoved: Find Your Soulmate

Attract and find your life partner with ease and Flow. You’ll use Flowdreaming and other energy techniques to create a blueprint for your absolutely most perfect relationship, then expand your energy to receive it. A powerful class.


Start a Habit or Stop a Habit

Get the energetic and emotional boost you need to make your new habit stick OR make your old habit go away for good! This class gives you the energetic framework to shift faster and make your healthy habit stay!


Good Morning, Great Day: A 7-Day Flowdreaming Practice for High Energy, Clear Focus, Ease and Abundance

Establish a daily emotional energy routine by Flowdreaming in each of seven categories each week, covering health, wealth, love, support, healing, and more.



Scattered? Unfocused? Not getting anything done? This practical guided tour on the art of grounding will help you never waste time or lose focus again.


Energy of Success

We grow the energy of success all through our lives and projects. Imagine a series of wins, starting now. Let’s get this energy going in your life!


A Charmed Life

Create super good energy, synchronicity, and good luck. This course helps you enhance your luckiness and good fortune in all areas of your life.


Inner Worth

Dismantle limiting thoughts and grow your sense of inner worth and deservingness in all areas of your life with practice techniques and Flowdreaming.


Clutter Clearing

Do a deep clean of your mind, heart, and life as we clear clutter and simplify seven areas of your life: the things you own, your mind, health, work, tech, and relationships. The ultimate clutter-clearing course!


Uplevel and Revitalize Your Relationship

Deepen, grow, and revitalize your relationship whether it’s with a partner, family, coworker, peer, or friend. Use the techniques in this class to create an energetic template for a perfect, fulfilling relationship.


Diamond & Personal Mastery All Access

All your live classes are on demand here!


Beyond Fear: Break Through Your Bocks

Let go of fear, blocks, and limitations in your heart. Beyond Fear helps you discover what you’re truly capable of when all fear, self-doubt, and lack-thinking is eliminated from your life.


Enthused, Inspired & Happy: Rekindle Your Desire, Drive and Forward Energy

Refind your direction, heal from burnout, and regain balance. Up your levels of happiness and passion and feel enthusiastic and inspired again!


Connect Your Gifts with Money

Learn to take your idea and turn it into a money-making, fun side-hustle. Use both energy and action to unleash both your profits and talent with the support of the Universe.


Forgiveness: Who Do You Want to Forgive?

How would you feel if you were able to truly forgive yourself or someone else? You’d feel light, freed, and healed. This course walks you through the profound acts of forgiving yourself, forgiving others, and forgiving the Universe (or God).


Get it Done! Plan and Complete Projects with Ease

Whether you want to start, maintain, or finish one-off projects or habits, you’ll learn to do both equally well.
Learn how to get in the “zone” of hyper-productivity, where you make quick and easy decisions and move through mountains of work in what feels like no time at all.


Reconnect with Source (Get Closer with the Universe to Re-find Yourself)

Every relationship needs nourishing to grow. This course super-enriches your connection to Source, so your life yields all the magnificent rewards of this relationship.


Time Travel: Facilitate Healing and Confidence by Creating an Alternate Past

Change your past to change your future. Learn a dazzling energy technique to infuse your present with a whole other past.

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