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Reconnect with Source (Get Closer with the Universe to Re-find Yourself)

Every relationship needs nourishing to grow. This course super-enriches your connection to Source, so your life yields all the magnificent rewards of this relationship.


Time Travel: Facilitate Healing and Confidence by Creating an Alternate Past

Change your past to change your future. Learn a dazzling energy technique to infuse your present with a whole other past.


Limitless: Be Seen, Be Authentic, and Go Big

Are you ready to emerge into your true talents, worth, and reach? For anyone who's "played small" until now, this course will unlock the success and growth you're striving for.


Flowing for Others

Move powerful, positive energy into the lives of your friends, family, and loved ones. Learn to put others in Flow for deep healing and gorgeous, positive opportunities.


Body Talk: Hear What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

Learn to communicate in Flow with your body and hear what it's trying to tell you. Use Flowdreams and techniques to improve your health and fitness and receive information about your body with this insightful class.


Blessings, Rituals and Flow for Finding Freedom and Renewal in Perfect Endings

Create powerful energies of confidence and completion that not only allow you to release the past, but which throw open the doors to new growth and opportunities.


Why Your Manifesting Isn’t Working…and How to Fix It

Feeling like you're doing all the right things but nothing is changing? Then unblock your manifesting and discover (and fix) the 9 major reasons why your manifesting is stuck.


The Flow Method for Clearing Toxic Emotions

Learn the Flow Method™ for clearing and releasing negative emotions. Let go of guilt, regret, shame, frustration, hopelessness, anger, and more. Feel yourself become lighter and freer!


Fruitful, Abundant and Rich: Learn to Be a Great Receiver

Let the Heavens open and pour down their bounty! Explore energies and emotions that support graceful, abundant receiving. Learn to cultivate and create a bounty of good things!


Tons of Friends and Support from Everyone

Nurture, deepen and expand your friendships and gain loving support from everyone around you. Feel connected, wanted, encouraged, and supported!


Advanced Manifesting Techniques

Discover techniques to turn up the volume on your manifesting to speed up and charge up getting what you want!


Accessing Your God Mind

Learn the Flow Method™ for connecting to your higher power and gaining guidance in every moment. Explore the Library of All Knowledge and The High Table of Divine Guidance.


Born to Make

Add 18+ months of Born To Make Business Growth Courses to Flow On! to your monthly membership for courses, Flowdreams, live dates with Summer and more.


Positive & Confident: Revising Negative Self-Talk

Remove lack-thinking from your words and mind as you revise your negative self-talk into powerful, potent, confident words instead. Uncover your habitual negative self talk and release old habits. You'll heal and transform the way you see yourself, and the world see you, so positive things can constantly come your way.


My Future Self

Create a blueprint for your future self that gives the Universe an actual template to work from. Through Flowdreaming, you'll discover how powerfully you can communicate with your future, and learn tips and techniques to make sure your vision is clear and heard.


Pure Self-Care

Deep nurturing and renewal for weary souls. See how and where your self-care needs nourishing and participate in exercises to restore your vitality.


Everything Is Easy!

Create ease and abundance in everything. Remove all lack and resistance in your life that's been getting in the way of your dreams.



Spend 30-days using Flowdreaming to rebuild and renew your work and income. MoneyFlow: Cashflow Recovery & Renewal is a 4-week program designed to help you pivot, recover, and create cashflow in the new upcoming economic era.


Flow On! Membership

Flow On! is your monthly, economical membership for courses, Flowdreams, live dates with Summer and more.

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