M.E. School
Refresher Course

An extraordinary 9 weeks of magic.

Summer McStravick

Creator of Flowdreaming

Summer has been teaching the art of manifestation and mindset since 2004. She’s internationally recognized for her teachings about healing and flow energies.

September 10, 2023 – November 29, 2023


😍 $13k in 8 days!!!!

Within 60 days of ME School, I brought in six times more revenue into my business and had a five-figure month. This continues. I’ve made $13,000 in cash in just 8 days this month. These are huge changes in how much money and abundance I was attracting previously. Thank you!

— Wendy Collier

The M.E. School Refresher Course early registration is now open ONLY to past M.E. School graduates.*

Q: How Long Is It?

This 12-week version of M.E. School has a few differences form the 6 or 12-month version you previously took. For one, it’s FAST. It zips you through the process of seeing your latest power leaks, getting closed in on your Future Self, and remodeling and transforming those areas of your life that need it ASAP.

Q: Is It Still the Same Material?

Yes and no. Anyone enrolled in M.E. School before 2018 will see whole new set of 36 on-demand classes you’ve never heard before, plus many updated funsheets. Plus, our twelve weeks of live classes will be completely fresh too! All in all, it condenses the complete one year program into three packed months. 

Q: Do I Have to Finish in 12 Weeks?

No. At your request, we built a new website that allows you to access your class materials for as long as we offer the program. In theory, you have all of 2022, 2023, etc to finish or re-do the course.

Q: Is There Any Private Coaching with You, Summer?

To keep costs low, there is no longer any private coaching with me or my coaches. However, if you’d like to work 1:1 privately with me, I’d love to talk to you about it. I have several places for new private students. Please set up a quick call with me here to go over the details.

Q: Is This the Exact Same Course That New (Not Returning) Students Will Be Taking?

Yes! The only difference is that new students will get the M.E. School welcome box with a binder and books. Otherwise, you’ll be participating in class alongside all the brand new M.E. Schoolers and moving through the exact same material with them.

Q: When Are the Live Classes?

The live classes will be weekly on Wednesdays at 4 pm PST/ 7 EST. They will be via Zoom video for 60 minutes. Each class will be recorded for on-demand listening later.

Q: Will There Be a Retreat?

At this time, I haven’t scheduled a live retreat. (I’m already holding a retreat in Bali this year!)

Q: Is This the Same as Personal Mastery or M.E. School II?

Nope. M.E. School II/Personal Mastery is an ongoing 6-month program that continues our studies even deeper into Flow energy, manifesting, personal power, and empathic intuition. As a M.E. School graduate, you are welcome to enroll anytime!

Q: How Much Is It?

This is the best part!!! It’s a fraction of the cost of your first experience. Since you’re arriving as a returning student for a refresher, it’s just $699.

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*You must be a M.E. School graduate in good standing to qualify for this price (meaning you paid and completed M.E. School previously in its entirety.)