Advanced Manifesting Techniques

What You'll Learn

Summer McStravick

Creator of Flowdreaming

Summer has been teaching the art of manifestation and mindset since 2004. She’s internationally recognized for her teachings about healing and flow energies.

Advanced Manifesting Techniques

Techniques to turn up the volume on your. manifesting so you get what you want both faster and easier.

 Tired of piddly, small results? Feeling discouraged or impatient? Explore techniques to help increase your ability to create and communicate your desires to the Universe. Blow open the doors to creating and receiving. This is how “advanced manifestors” amp things up!


"I finally get it now."

“I’d become pretty discouraged about the idea of manifesting. In the beginning, I’d had great results. Then everything stopped working for me and I felt like my life slid back to where it used to be. Finding this course has been a game-changer. 

Now I get where I’ve been doing things wrong and/or only creating short-term effects instead of lasting changes. I also learned new ways to really ‘send’ my energy into the world that feels easy and light. Thank you, Summer, for your unique and deeply experienced wisdom on this.

P.S. Since taking the course, I have now found my dream house (in escrow) and sold another property that I couldn’t get sold before. Plus I got an unexpected gift of $2400! The good stuff keeps coming!” 

— Gabby Smith, Georgia, USA
Course Duration

Three Audio Masterclasses (69 minutes)

Course price

$197 US

Course Level

Moderate - Advanced

Course Description

Techniques to turn up the volume on your. manifesting so you get what you want both faster and easier.

In this course, you’ll learn Summer’s practical, dualistic approach to manifesting and co-creating. Flowdreaming is an incredibly powerful tool for creating what you want. You’ll learn how to round up both physical and non-physical energies to manifest with, plus do a complete work out with your emotional self to see how and where you may be miscommunicating or misfiring on your desires.

You’ll learn both simple, powerful techniques as well as well as deepen your fundamental understanding of “how it all works.”

You are what you create. You create what you are.

If you already have good grounding in Law of Attraction work, this will be a fresh new perspective on how to have the Universe truly listen to you.

If you’ve already learned to Flowdream, this is your jumping off point to the next level of co-creating with life and your future.

If it’s time to rev things up and stop meandering through your life, then come to class!


What you get:

Three audio classes packed with exercises + 5 practice audios
Accompanying "It's Already Arrived" Flowdream for download and practice
Accompanying "Magic Phrases" Flowdream for download and practice
Accompanying "Heightened Emotional Energy" exercise for download and practice
Accompanying "Heightened Emotional Imagery" exercise for download and practice
Accompanying "Emotional Endpoints" exercise for download and practice
Instructional worksheets filled with exercises and activities
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Trupti Patel

Amazing class !!!

This is a great class to learn more about Flowdreaming and how to make it your own practice.